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          Certified Product

          Selective material, perfect quality !
          MONGA knows, quality and technology have a crucial impact on design.

          Monga, the enterprise is certificated by

          IS09001: 2008 national quality management system.
          ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system.
          OHSMS18000 occupational health and safety system.

          Products implement national standards gb6952-2005 (sanitary wares), and pass below certificates:

          CE certificate, cUPC certificate, Watermark certificate, MS: 2001 certification in Malaysia.
          MONGA has national patent certificate for products.
          We are qualified"high-tech enterprises"in Guangdong province.


          Guangdong monga intelligent kitchen & bath co.,ltd

          Adhering to the core of the Nordic design ideas”people-oriented”,Every detail is considered to the design aesthetic, practical science, psychology experience and so on.

          National Service Hotline


          Address:Dalongpu, Feng’er Village, Guxiang Town, Chaoan District, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China
          Fax:+86(768)6925168 E-Mail:mg@cnmonga.com

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