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          Monga ware industry change

          By:MONGA - Spirt Of Innovation

          June 1, 2016 - 4 days, known as China bathroom "Oscar," said the Shanghai International Bathroom Exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center opened. Dream of good new image, unveiled this exhibition.
          The new design of the pavilion, into a dream more good brand elements. Placed in the product to meet the demand, more attention to the visual experience of the customer, and satisfy the demand to visit and experience.

          Monga positioned for future smart technology to lead the backbone of the community progress of the road, teach you healthy personal tips to enjoy life, to convey the feeling of happiness; not only for you to tell a taste of home, but also create you a story of people helping you become protagonist of the story; interpretation of humanity to experience the beauty and emotion, a taste of life highly, faithfully adhering to the founder's values and heritage monga brand conviction.

          Watch the first day of the dream of good Shanghai Exhibition site ↓↓↓

          ▲The scene of the exhibition is crowded, and our beauty salesperson is explaining the product details to the customers.

          ▲ The network is interviewing Jie Meng-kai, general manager Cai Xinyan


          Guangdong monga intelligent kitchen & bath co.,ltd

          Adhering to the core of the Nordic design ideas”people-oriented”,Every detail is considered to the design aesthetic, practical science, psychology experience and so on.

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